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Fabbri Builders specializes in design-build construction. This method allows for better coordination throughout the entire preconstruction, design, manufacturing, and installation process, resulting in faster construction, better quality, and reduced costs.



The collaborative design-build approach provides the lowest total overall cost by considering all aspects of the project (programming, design, financing, and construction), not just the lowest initial bid price.


Construction can start and complete earlier than the traditional approach. Foundation design and anchor bolt layouts are completed concurrent with design development, resulting in earlier release and construction start.


There’s no need to hire, schedule and supervise individual architects, engineers, and subcontractors. Decisions are made based on a team approach, and the owner is always a member of our design-build team.


When searching for a design-build partner, it’s important to find a reputable company with the tools and expertise needed to complete your project. Since the company is responsible for designing and building your project, it’s important that you research its credentials and portfolio to make sure it fits your needs and budget.
It can also be extremely helpful to ask for references so you can learn first-hand about the company’s communication style, workmanship, and overall performance.

With more than 50 years of experience producing innovative, high-performing facilities delivered on time and within budget, Fabbri Builders has resources and experience to make sure your project is a success.


Choose a firm with a solid safety record. Safety should be a primary concern for any quality firm. Protecting people on-site protects your project and investment. Fabbri Builders has an EMR rating on par with some of the safest, most efficient contractors.


Select a contractor with experience, who can add value to the project. Ensure the company has good financial health and can bond the project appropriately.


Evaluate the firm’s experience doing projects similar to what you need. Operating in the public an private sector for over 50 years, Fabbri Builders has amassed a portfolio of projects to suit your needs.


Ensure there will be partnership throughout the process. You want to be confident that your questions will be answered, your concerns will be addressed, and there will be no surprises.


A company principle will be assigned to your project from design to completion. The stakeholders of the company are personally vested in the success of your project.

Fabbri Builders utilizes PROCORE and each client will be set up with their own portal to monitor their project’s progress in real time. You will have access to construction documents, specifications and photos.



The design-build process offers a single point of responsibility and contact for the project rather than juggling multiple contractors and companies. This makes the process much more fluid and streamlined from start to finish, so you get your building faster.


During preconstruction, the building program is developed, and a thorough review of the project scope is conducted. We coordinate and record all meetings with the design professionals taking the burden off Owner. This helps avoid scope gaps and associated change orders. Project cost and schedule are established. Construction documents for permitting are completed.


During construction we execute the work planed during preconstruction. The schedule will be maintained and adjusted accordingly to provide the Owner with an accurate timeline of occupancy. Fabbri Builders will supervise and coordinate all field operations.


Closeout teams, consisting of contractors, designers, and operators, collaborate to develop turnover packages and oversee the systematic transfer of building, electrical, and mechanical systems. Owner training will be completed at this time. Fabbri Builders will provide a codified closeout manual with all warranties, photos and construction documents.


I could not have been more pleased with the quality & overall professionalism of Dave Fabbri and his entire company. They constructed a magnificent building that kids will benefit from for many many years to come.

James P. Curtin President - Daytop NJ

I have known and worked with Fabbri Builders, Inc. for more than forty years, They are an honorable and dependable family business. To engage this extremely qualified and ethical construction firm will be the best decision you will ever make!

John T. Oliver - A.I.A.E

I had the pleasure of working with Fabbri Builders on a very challenging renovation of a 1950s-era shopping center. There were many surprises and difficulties in working with this old group of buildings, but Dave and Andrew took them in stride and produced an outstanding result. I'd look forward to working with them again anytime.

Arrol Gellner - Architect/Author

In our long relationship with Fabbri Builders we have written over $60 million in bonds. Fabbri has successfully performed a wide range of projects for both public and private clients in the State of New Jersey and surrounding communities, and throughout the years with Great American, Fabbri has never had a claim.

Dennis E. Gunzelmann - Bond Manager, Great American Insurance Group

With Fabbri Builders I was fortunate to find an ally. With his thorough knowledge and experience, Dave Fabbri understood and honored the intent within the design in the construction documents. As our project evolved I was able to rely on the consistency and quality of Fabbri Builders’ work. When a challenge emerged I trusted we could collaborate in finding a solution.

Dave Fabbri brought his staff and the trades together to make our project a true success. I look forward to working with Fabbri Builders in the future.

R. Allan Christianson, AIA

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